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Features & Specifications

Specification sheet
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1. Optics

  • 3 lasers
    • Violet (VL): 405nm
    • Blue (BL): 488nm
    • Red (RL): 637nm
  • 13 individual detectors:
    • 11 fluorescent detectors
    • 2 of light dispersion (FSC + SSC)
  • Set of optimized filters for clinical cytometry most used fluorochromes:
    • VL-1: 440/50 (PacB; BV421; SB436; PR436)
    • VL-2: 512/25 (OC515; PacO*; AmCyan; BV510)
    • VL-3: 603/48 (BV605; PacO*; SB600; PR600)
    • VL-4: 710/50 (BV711; SB702)
    • BL-1: 530/30 (FITC)
    • BL-2: 574/26 (PE)
    • BL-3: 695/40 (PerCP-Cy5.5)
    • BL-4: 780/60 (PE-Cy7)
    • RL-1: 670/14 (APC)
    • RL-2: 720/30 (Alexa700; APC-A700)
    • RL-3: 780/60 (APC-C750; APC-H7; APC-Cy7)

Note: *This fluorochrome can be detected by several filters.

  • Flat-top parallel lasers with fixed alignment:
    • High stability and sensitivity
    • Lower calibration frequency

2. Fluidics

  • Volumetric system:
    • Allows absolute cell counts (cells/µL)
    • Lower fluidic spent
    • Allows different types of tubes (Ø 17x100 mm and 8.5x45 mm)
    • Recovery of unacquired volumes in loaded samples
  • Acoustic assisted hydrodynamic focusing:
    • Higher reproducibility and accuracy even at high rates
    • Flow rate between 12.5 and 1,000 µL/min
    • Higher acquisition rate of diluted samples
  • Anti-clogging technology:
    • Reduced risk of clogging even with high concentration samples

3. Performance

  • Digital system with 20 bits and 1,048,576 channels
  • Electronic pulse: area, height and width for all detectors
  • Acquisition rate: up to 35,000 events/sec*

Note: *This is the electronic resolution at optimal conditions; diagnostic samples are not intended to be acquired at this rate.

4. Acquisition software

  • Full matrix compensation, in manual or automatic modes
  • Up to ~20 million events can be recorded in a single file
  • Prevents data loss since aborted events, including aggregates, are recorded. Notice that aggregates may contain cells of interest such as plasma cells.

Note: Files may present higher percentage of doublets than expected.

  • Running stops when acquisition problems, such as bubbles, are detected.

5. Quality

  • Manufacturing standards comply with ISO 13485:2003
  • CE-IVD

6. Cytometer size

  • Benchtop cytometer with fluid bottles stored within:
    • 40 x 58 x 43 cm (H x W x D)
    • Weight: 29 Kg

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