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Combinaciones de tres y cuatro anticuerpos

FITC PE PE-Cyanine5 Referencia Tamaño Uso FT
CD3 CD4 CD8 CYT-3F8-4PE1-8C 100 tests CE/IVD pdf-iconpdf-icon
CD3 CD4 CD8 CYT-3F8-4PE9-8C 100 tests CE/IVD pdf-icon
CD3 CD4 CD45 CYT-3F8-4PE1-45C11 100 tests CE/IVD pdf-iconpdf-icon
CD3 CD4 CD45 CYT-3F8-4PE9-45C11 100 tests CE/IVD pdf-icon
CD3 CD16+CD56 CD19 CYT-3F8-16PE7+56PE-19C3 100 tests RUO pdf-icon
CD3 CD16+CD56 CD45 CYT-3F8-16PE7+56PE-45C11 100 tests RUO pdf-icon
CD4 CD8 CD3 CYT-4F1-8PE9-3C4 100 tests CE/IVD pdf-icon
CD16 CD19 CD3 CYT-16F6-19PE5-3C4 100 tests RUO pdf-icon
Kappa Lambda CD19 CYT-KF2-LPE-19C3 25 tests RUO pdf-icon
FITC PE PerCP-Cyanine5.5 Referencia Tamaño Uso FT
Kappa Lambda CD19 CYT-KF2-LPE-19C8 25 tests RUO pdf-icon

Mature B Cell CORE

PB™ OC515™ PE-Cyanine7 Referencia Tamaño Uso FT
CD20 CD45 CD19 CYT-MBC-CORE 40 tests RUO pdf-iconpdf-icon

Precursor B Cell CORE

OC515™ PerCP-Cyanine5.5 PE-Cyanine7 Referencia Tamaño Uso FT
CD45 CD34 CD19 CYT-PBC-CORE 20 tests RUO pdf-iconpdf-icon
FITC PE PerCP-Cyanine5.5 APC Referencia Tamaño Uso FT
CD16 CD64 CD45 CD14 CYT-HPN-1 25 tests RUO pdf-iconpnh

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